Our history about the team at Ad Landscaping

Who We Are


A desire for a career change, helped me to embark on a journey that would forever transform my life.

Gaining experience with friends in their landscaping companies ignited an undeniable passion within. The more I worked in the realm of landscaping, an undeniable passion ignited within me, propelling me to pursue independent projects. In 2021, the realization of my aspirations materialized as I proudly established AD Landscaping. Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, I devoted myself to my craft and prioritized delivering exceptional workmanship. My father, a steadfast and seasoned professional, joined me on this venture, adding his expertise and work ethic to the foundation we built together. Our collaboration was a natural extension of the strong bond we shared, cultivated through years of working side by side on construction sites.

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what We do


At AD Landscaping, our driving force has always been our unwavering dedication to our customers.

We strive to surpass our customers’ expectations, consistently aiming for nothing short of perfection. Our extensive experience has honed our skills in expert engineering projects, ensuring each endeavour withstands the test of time. Continuous improvement is at the core of our philosophy, all in the pursuit of constructing gardens and projects of unparalleled quality.

While we excel in many facets of landscaping, it is within the realm of fencing that we truly shine. Our proficiency in this domain is well-renowned, and it constitutes a significant portion of our portfolio. Our services include: creating beautiful bespoke garden rooms as well as pergolas, pavilions, patios, decking, turfing, flower beds as well as garden clearance. We pay meticulous attention to the often-unseen aspects of our projects, understanding that the hidden details fortify our work’s longevity.



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Aidan Daly – Owner & Leader

I am the owner and leader of AD Landscaping. Working alongside my father on house renovations fueled my passion for construction, however I found my true calling in gardening and landscaping. Crafting garden rooms, brings me immense joy. With a deep love for landscaping artistry, with hardwork & dedication, I aim to bring your outdoor dreams to life.

Mick Daly – Assistant Landscaper

A diligent and hardworking individual, Mick (my father) brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his extensive background in construction. He fearlessly dives into any task, and is not shy to get his hands dirty. With his exceptional customer rapport, he effortlessly puts clients at ease, ensuring they feel comfortable with us in their gardens.

Esther Daly – Administrator

Esther (my wife) has a passion for photography and ensures our online presence exudes excellence. She primarily assists with administrative tasks, but also enjoys contributing to the design process, as well as any physical tasks. She ensures the finer details on project completion exceeds our customers' expectations so their luxury outdoor dreams are realised.

What We Do



We take our time to understand your vision, desires, and requirements for your dream outdoor space. Our experienced team will listen attentively to your ideas, preferences & budget considerations. We assess your existing landscape, taking into account any unique features or challenges.


With a clear understanding of your goals, our team can transform your ideas into a sketch or an extra fee a comprehensive design. We will incorporate the elements you’d like to add such as garden rooms, fencing, pavilions, and decking to bring your vision to life. We ensure every detail is considered.


Our team will begin the installation process. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship. We will work diligently to bring your design & vision to life. We use premium materials and techniques to ensure the longevity & durability of your outdoor space.


After the installation, we pay meticulous attention to the final touches that elevate your luxury landscape. We carefully select finishing touches such as lighting & landscape features to add an extra layer of beauty & functionality. We ensure the project meets our high standards of excellence.

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Are you ready to create bespoke outdoor living spaces that will exceed all expectations?